Brief Project Information

A roleplaying game with superhero comic-style handdrawn graphics set in a barren future.


Working title "Cubid"
Genre RPG
Game engine UE5 (5.0.3)
Pacing Semi turn-based
Art Comic
Graphics Sprite/3D elements
Perspective 3rd/First person
Control Menues
DOF Mostly linear
Team size 3
Scenarios Desolate fields, woodlands, mountains, deserts, torn apart buildings
Themes Moral dilemmas, heroism
Screenshots 1 2 3 4 5
Video 1 2

Takes inspiration from

Game mechanics Chrono trigger (battle system), Drakkhen (functions), Outrun (splitting paths)
Games Dungeon master, Swords & serpents, Drakkhen
Comics Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, the Phantom
Tabletop games Mutant (RPG), Hero quest, Dungeonquest

Likes in Retro games

80s Gauntlet, Golden axe
90s the Dig, Sky roads, Chrono trigger, XCOM, Quake Team Fortress, Loom, Time crisis, Half-life
00s Dystopia, Alien swarm

Likes in Modern games

Strategy XCOM, Tharsis
If this sounds interesting as a concept please contact me.


Phone +46 (0)702 - 796147